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Music by Jerzy Sapieyevski

Sapieyevski combines his expressive piano virtuosity with the harmony of colors and rhythms.   His music unites elements of jazz and classical styles in a radiant creation for a profoundly new kind of performance.   The distinctive voice of his music finds its inspiration from the American spirit of George Gershwin, innovation of Philip Glass and the spontaneity of improvisations by Keith Jarrett and Dave Brubeck.   American Songbook has many emotional, social, and historical connotations.   Although music is universal, each person brings a different context to the listening experience.

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"A Tribute to GLENN FREY"   (Eagles - Desperado)
- LIVE! with David Keplinger, vocals

PRERNA! - "Singing for Broken Hearts"   (After You've Gone)
with Prerna Balasundaram, vocals

"Prelude in Blue"     "Are You Blue?"

"Bebop Etude"    "Are You Blue 2?"

"Your Smile"     "Blue Beethoven"

"Sound Sculptures"     "America in Blue" arr.

Sapieyevski's classical concert works:

"Painted Music" for orchestra

"Mazurka" for String Quartet

"Aesop Suite" for Brass Quintet with Patrick Hayes

"Morpheus" for Wind Ensemble

"Songs of the Rose"

"The Soul of the Piano+"

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