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Award-winning composer/pianist blends his expressive piano virtuosity with the harmony of color and rhythm.
  "Painted Music" by Jerzy Sapieyevski is a dynamic multimedia event in which a painter - in live performance - engages in a visual and musical dialogue with the pianist while the painting evolves in the presence of an audience. The canvas becomes a musical instrument! The painter - a performing artist.

The composer's inspiration owes its genesis to three great artists: Russian abstractionist Wassily Kandinsky - who saw music in colors; the Spanish surrealist Joan Miró - who often started work without a specific idea and let the painting “assert itself”; and the American Abstract-Expressionist, Jackson Pollock - who practiced spontaneous “action painting”.  Sapieyevski’s design is a moment-specific, multi-layered composition in an entirely new performance format that transforms the relationship between musicians, artists and the public.  

"Painted Music" Press               Short Rehearsal Video

"New York collaboration with painter Makoto Fujimura"

  2008 performance with painter Don Kimes - Photos by M Drehd

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"New York collaboration with painter Makoto Fujimura"

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