Makoto Fujimura - Golden Fire  

  "Dillon Gallery is pleased to present the New York premiere of a multimedia performance by composer/pianist Jerzy Sapieyevski, painter Makoto Fujimura and cinematographer Mott Hupfel  ("The Savages", "The American Astronaut", "The Notorious Bettie Page" ). Fujimura’s musical gesture of painting and his artistic expression blends with the award-winning composer’s colorful piano virtuosity. "Painted Music" is a multimedia event in which the painter - in live performance – inspires the music in the process of painting. While his painting evolves visually in the presence of the audience, the musician and painter are able to transcend their primary art forms, merging into a new genre of art. "Painted Music" is a visionary inquiry into post-modern artistic expression."

  by Makoto Fujimura  

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